CHURCH BUILDINGIn the early 80's, God dealt with Elder Locklear concerning the pastorate but said that in time it would happen. God then allowed Elder Locklear in 1994 to be placed as acting pastor/overseer of a mission in Eden, NC by his Pastor and District Elder.

Elder Locklear traveled 120 miles one way to this ministry sometimes three times a week however, due to the inconsistency of the people there and the lack of commitment to the cause he closed the mission. Elder Locklear then settled back at his former church (Praise Temple Apostolic Faith Church, Inc.) where he had served as Youth Pastor for several years, and brought members with him.

From that time God continued to deal with Elder Locklear’s heart but timing was vital, so he continued to work there in the local church and operated as an evangelist reaching souls for the kingdom starting a ministry called “Reaching the Lost Ministries” along with another minister from another church.

During this waiting period his pastor told him to travel the area and look for a place to start a church outside of Raleigh, NC. After much prayer, fasting, studying, meditation and his pastor praying for them the call was answered in April 1998; thus birthing New Birth Apostolic Church, Inc. The church was started with one month’s of tithes from Pastor and First Lady Locklear in May 1998. Not knowing where to go, or who was going to be there when they started, the answer was still YES.

Immediately bible study was held in the home for about a month. After praying and seeking the Lord for a place to worship outside of the home, the Lord opened the door to worship in the Garner Optimus Club. The 1st service consisted of 18 people (8 adults, 10 children). In this location we were charged for every service usage, therefore the corporate worship times were limited to Sundays with Bible study still in the home. The managers of the property was pressuring to have sign a 6 month contract signed and just before agreeing to do so a door was opened one day prior to signing the contract.

The church then moved to 303 Circle Lane, Raleigh, NC where prayer for confirmation continued. Here in this location the Lord continued the outpour his Spirit by allowing many to be baptized and 7 were filled with the Holy Ghost in 30 days, His word was confirmed. The Lord continued to save and fill the house to the point that a move to a new location was required.

In 1999 New Birth Apostolic Church then moved to 605 W. South Street. It was soon obvious that we were quickly out growing that location by leaps and bounds. As a result of the Lords doing He opened a door for the purchase of land in down town historical Franklinton for the next phase of growth.

In 2007 another door was open to purchase a church that was up for sell with the intentions of moving in June 2007. Due to unforeseen circumstances the church could not sale their building which caused New Birth to go through three years of transitional moving ever year and to experience what we called a “wilderness experience”. For the next three years NBAC moved constantly first to Lake Ridge Road in Raleigh, then to US 1 in Franklinton, NC, then back to Raleigh on Sherwee Drive. During this time many of the members begin to scatter and tire from the constant moving. It was here during one of our powerful tent revivals that the pastor noticed that the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church in Franklinton was vacant. However by this time the church had relocated back to the Raleigh area on Sherwee Drive and everyone was exhausted from all of the moves. The pastor sought out the owners of the Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church, and after much praying and fasting the Lord gave us favor first with a tour of the property which appeared to be ready for condemning by the City of Franklinton. However, the Pastor saw beyond the obvious and offered a contract. By the grace of God, the church was purchased with only 1/3 of its founding members and literally paid off prior to moving into the church to begin the renovation process.

However, because of the inconsistency of the majority of the members and the change in the economy and no real growth from that community, a change back to Raleigh was needed. Moving back to the Raleigh/Garner area was a positive move for the church in hope to stabilize the ministry. However, after signing a five year contract they moved again just outside of one year to their current location 300 Kennedy Street where they renovated and beautified this location all for the glory of God. The Lord is truly confirming this move with his approval of many souls - To God be the Glory!